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Our GREEN SLATE program is much more than merely using chemicals that have been labeled as “green”.  GREEN SLATE is an environmentally friendly program  that  employs an enhanced sustainable cleaning system that focuses on the safety, health, and wellness of your organization's employees and visitors, our custodians, and our planet as a whole.


GREEN SLATE is a 3-tier system (Policy, Procedures, and Products) that incorporates:


1. Safer sustainable cleaning methods,        2. Less toxic cleaning products, and            3. Equipment that takes ergonomics and  worker safety into account.


Why switch to GREEN SLATE?


Using chemicals that are less harmful to the environment also means a healthier workplace for workers, customers and visitors.  A healthier environment also means increased productivity.  In addition, green cleaning helps you to project a positive environmental image and saves you MONEY$$$


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Green Slate program

Did you know that poor indoor air quality can cause a variety of illnesses and cause workers/students to be less productive?
Did you know that poor indoor air quality consistently ranks among the top five environmental risks to public health?


Did you know that going GREEN creates a healthier building by cutting down on the amount of hazardous chemicals being emitted into the environment.


Did you know that going green creates a safer work environment by reducing the potential for spills, accidents and liability claims.


Did you know that going green helps reduce your maintenance costs as you project a positive environmental image in your community.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will it be expensive to go green?
A. No, most products used are no more expensive than traditional cleaners.


Q. Do we have to throw away the current chemicals we have on hand?

A. No, we encourage you to use up the supplies and products you have and transition to a green cleaning program.


Q. Besides different cleaning chemicals what ‘s involved in green cleaning?

A. Because GREEN SLATE is a fully developed cleaning system designed to support LEEDS certification there is a lot involved.  For example:


   We train our custodians to remove dust/soil, not spread it around or make it airborne. The products we use are not only “green”, but they are concentrated and use less packaging for a reduced environmental impact.

    We look for ways to keep soil out of your buildings, by using more walk-off mats & deeper cleaning at entryways.

    We may suggest different frequencies for routine maintenance such as vacuuming so the need for deep cleaning (i.e. carpet cleaning) is reduced.


Q. Do green products really work?

A. Most of today’s green products are not only effective at cleaning; they are no more expensive than traditional cleaning products and in some cases may be more economical.

    With the wide variety of green cleaning chemicals in the marketplace today, there is a green product for every cleaning situation.


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